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S.F is the only product in the world that gives you the power to control the privacy of any environment in milliseconds.

Example: hospitals, hotels, facades, shop windows, offices, homes including bathrooms.

Energy Savings

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S.F blocks up to 100% of Ultraviolet rays (UV) and up to 70% of Infra red rays (IR) with this, energy savings of up to 25% can be obtained and can reduce the temperature of an environment by up to 10%, comparing environments under the same conditions.

Image Projection

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Due to this extreme retention of solar rays, the P.I also serves as a projection screen, using an overhead projector. Thus transforming a common glass into an interactive glass, thus being able to revolutionize the media market.

Example: interactive FastShop windows, partitions of gourmet space and rooms, meeting rooms, where you can replace conventional TVs with an interactive projection, which the presenter can write with a pilot pen on the projection.


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Due to its thickness of 0.45mm, the Smart Film works as an Anti-Vandalism Film, increasing the resistance of the glass on which it is applied by up to 10 times. Also preventing this glass from shattering thus providing greater safety to your environment.

Example: We performed ballistic tests with rifle shots against the smart film applied to glass, in which the projectile, when hitting the target, broke the glass, however, it did not exceed the P.I.


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We are talking about a technology that can be applied to any type of glass, adding all the benefits mentioned above without the need to remove or replace the existing glass. In addition, because it is a product that does not have pores, it does not retain dust and bacteria, making a healthier environment.

Example: ICU, hospitals, health, aesthetic and dental clinics.

Who we areGet to know Exclusif

Founded almost 10 years ago, Exclusif is the result of much study and research in search of technological solutions that bring comfort, practicality and innovation to high-end civil construction. Since 2020, the company has focused 100% on the development of Smart Film, a product that is currently a national and international reference.

Today EXCLUSIF has 148 approved resellers throughout Latin America, in addition to a new industrial park with a production capacity of over 3000m² of Smart Film per month.

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Some numbers of our company

13.415 M² Sold

R$ 57.106.650 Generated to Resales

2.103 Satisfied customers

52 Professionals on the team

12 Business generated per day

What does the Net Promoter Score mean?

Also known as NPS, the Net Promoter Score is a survey that uses quantitative and qualitative data to assess how satisfied customers are with the experience they had.

Through GOOGLE reviews, where we currently have 60 reviews, 59 reviews being from company promoters and 1 review with 1 star, resulting in 1 company retractor. It concludes that the company was classified in the highest range and satisfaction.

98.34% of people gave it 5 stars.

1.67% of people gave 1 star.

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The growing search for smart film made it possible for partners and resellers to get a winning product in their portfolio. Our invention brought more profitability, credibility and sophistication for our resellers to serve their customers with more quality.

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